Movement of Enhancing Opportunities and Improving Technology (FATIH)

Designed to provide every student with the best education, the highest quality educational content and equal opportunities, FATIH Project is the greatest and the most comprehensive educational movement about education technology use in the world.

Vision- Mission

  • FATIH Project in Education was launched with the purpose of providing equal opportunities in education and improving the technology in schools in a way that informatics technology tools to engage more senses in the educational process.

Created with these principles it is based on 5 main principles :

  1. Accessibility: Offering service any time, anywhere and independent from tools,
  1. Productivity: Providing target oriented and more productive development fields,
  1. Equality ( equality of opportunity): Enabling all shareholders access to the best service.
  1. Measurability: Providing accurate measurement of process and results and giving feedback accordingly for the development to be assessed better.
  1. Quality: Enhancing the quality of whole education in a measurable way.

It is aimed to provide equality of opportunity, eliminate the digital gap and enhance the quality thanks to the solution which covers all these success factors.

FATIH Project in Education emphasize the importance of assessing students on fields on interest, activities and tendencies but not only students’ success in classes and also analysing the data about students’ school history. The issue in question here is not only creating statistics with the data collected. This project also aims to store any kind of information formed in student’s educational process in a single identity system and create an infrastructure where analysis can be conducted with a data pool.

Being able to draw the right data among millions of data and analyse the related one will make it easier to win students by an individual educational tool who haven’t been included before and also become a source of information in terms of directing students to the right profession considering the interest and success fields. It is must to conduct individual data analysis to win a student individually. This project aims the transition from a system where students are evaluated with only exams to a new system which will evaluate students by ;

  • Identifying the lacking aspects of the students according to the exam results,
  • Analysing these visually,
  • Identifying fields of interest outside the course subjects,
  • Discovering the special skills,
  • Understanding the best way a student learns in the easiest way,
  • Identifying the subjects to which a student is disposed.

By using the classroom management system, interaction between teacher-student-interactive board-tablet will be provided, informating gathering/learning processes will be used more efficiently, teacher will be able to share the materials produced in classrooms with his/her students, assign them homework, measure the learning levels in a more controlled way via classroom management.

For the effective use of this system, high speed and secure internet (VPN) is provided to all schools. Systems installed and changes in the hardware in schools can be followed by school information system.

Also, students will be able to continue or strengthen the learning process outside the school. With FATIH Project in Education, students are able to access the course notes, classroom projects and homework assigned by teacher independent from where he/she is, share the information produced with teachers and students and also strengthen the topics learned with EBA content.

The followings are foreseen as the goals;



FATIH Project in Education will fund services such as providing hardware and broad band internet to all classrooms, providing e-content for subjects, establishing platforms for the entegration of teachers into IT technologies and product development, and facilitation other activities including project implementation assistance. The main components of FATIH Project in Education are as follows:

FATIH Project in Education isn’t only a hardware and educational projects. That’s why FATIH Project is a multi dimensional service and has a very important role in energising the domestic economy.

  1. Within the scope of the peoject, the following will be achieved:Increasing the domestic production and value added,Producing products which haven’t been produced domestically before,Conducting research and development activities for new technologies and products,Opportunity for information technologies hardware, software, network infrastructure and internet access to be supplied to all school and classrooms,e-content,

    e-books to be given to students and teachers,

    Energising domestic productions with tablets and creating work fields to domestic companies,

    Developing young entrepreneurship spirit,

  2. The following skills which are described as 21st century citizienship skills will be developed within FATIh Project in Education and students will be active instead of passive and also equal opportunities in education will be ensured:Technology use,Effective communication,Analytical thinking,Problem solving,

    Co-working and  cooperation.

  3.  It will be easier to access information and the goal will be changed from “computer technology in school” to “ information technologies in the hands of students and teachers”.


Main Components