(Could be referred as OBS, CBS or Geographical Information System)

GENERAL INFORMATION: Geographical Information Ssytem which was purchased in 2005 by The Ministry of National Education was updated according to the needs of Fatih Project in 2013 and became School Information System (OBS).


  • Identifying the areas in which the service is more needed more objectively,
  • Following the schools and teachers who take or don’t take trainings within the Project,
  • Following the service completion rates of the companies who work under the Project and visualising all data.

System has;

  • Information about approximately 53.000 public schools which will be used in the analysis and calculations for Fatih Project
  • Information about only names and the locations of the private schools


  • Map shows all Government Agencies, Health Institutions ( Hospitals, Pharmacies), Educational Insitutions, Sports Areas, Green Areas, Religional Institutions, Justice Institutions, Railways, Maritime, Recreational Areas, Financial Insitutions, Cultural Areas, Media, Industry and Production Areas, Telecommunication, Trade Areas.


  • PRINCIPLES OF THE PUBLIC SCHOOLS under the Ministry of National Education ( officials)
  • MANAGERS of Province National Education Branches,

Staff Of Fatih Project General Directorate of Innovation and Educational Technologies


Information about the schools which exist in the system are taken from MEBBIS and some of hem are taken from the information which was put on the system bye the school principle. Information on the hardware of Fatih Project are put on the system by General Directoare of Innovation and Educational Technologies (YEGITEK) and Schools.


  • Updating the missing or wrong information about schools through the relevant module,
  • Updating and keeping updathe the subjects about Fatih Project,
  • Processing hardware and the number of hardwares given to schools within Fatih Project to the system as soon as possible,
  • Communicating the demands for missing hardwares of Fatih Project,
  • Processing the information about teachers who haev received training on Fatih Project to the system,
  • Putting in the people who will be responsible in the infrastructure commision


  1. http://cbs.eba.gov.tr / is he signing in link to the system.
  1. Schools;
  1. first signing in ;
  1. “User name” : “Coordinators and Branch Heads: National Identity Number”,
  1. “Password” : “Coordinators and Branch Heads :National Identity Number”
  1. Schools;
    1. “User name” “ Institution code”, ( sample with number: 111111)
  1. “Password: “ Institution code”
  1. They can sign in with MEBBIS passwords. They will enter to the system with MEBBIS user name and passwords on the MEBBIS Sign in page.
  1. When first signed in with institution code, it will ask you to “Change the password”. To set the new password; new password should be put in twice before entering the system.
  1. When you forget the MEBBIS password; you can click on forgot password on https://mebbis.meb.gov.tr/  and create your new password.
  1.  Signed in through school information system;
    1. After putting the userr name , click on sign in
  1. The activation code sent to the e-mail addresses of Province Coordinators and Branch Head is put on the relevnt field and new password is put twice and entrance occurs?
  1. If the user can’t sign in to the system, he/she can put in the following in the “Can’t log in” field;
  1. “User name” (national identitiy number for coordinators and branch heads and institution code for schools),
  1. User e-mail addresses (for coordinators and branch heads, e-mail adresses registered in the system (kurumkodu@meb.gov.tr ,kurumkodu@meb.k12.tr )
  • “Explanation” part should include following and should be sent to (cbs@eba.gov.tr).
  1. Related to school;
  1. If it is new; province, district, instiution code, information about the related Directorate General
  1. If institution code has changed, old institution code and new institution code and the name of the school
  1. Related to the issues of coordinators and branch heads



  1. When system is open for School/ Province Coordinatorship , a message will be sent to the mentioned institution e-mail address kurumkodu@meb.gov.tr , kurumkodu@meb.k12.tr , btkoordinator–@meb.gov.tr
  1. “School Information” section in the system
  1. Grey spaces: It is related to the related module of MEBBIS. Related changes here should be done in the related modĂĽle of MEBBIS. OBS System; new information will be seen the following day because it is updated at night after taking the information from MEBBIS.

b.Open spaces?: It is the place where changed can be put. If an update is necessary , it is needed to click on “SAVE” after putting the changes.

  1. What can be done in the system is specified according to the assistance documents in the School Information System.