Mobil Device Management (MDM)


1.1. What is the purpose of Mobile Device Management (MDM) ?

It enables tablets which were delivered within Fatih Project in Education update softwares via distant operation, track failures, activate or deactivate hardwares such as USB, Camera, SD and enable secure internet.

1.2. What is tablet activation?

It is managing the tablets delivered within FATIh Project by verifying for each teacher and student by MDM.

1.2.1. Activation Scenario

Ø Tablet connects to internet automatically.
Ø Teachers and students put on the given username and password to activate the tablets.
Ø MDM send the profile information of users to tablet and tablet activates the computers.
Ø Tablets are used as student and teacher tablets.

1.3. Functions of MDM

Ø Verifying user identity when user activates the tablet
Ø Matching tablets with users
Ø Identifying groups according to region, time and school.
Ø Activating different policies according to user type and group
Ø Reseting the password
Ø Setting options as default when tablet is lost and keeping GPS on all the time

Ø When tablet fails;

v Lifting the matching off the user
v Setting the status as the tablet has failed
v Setting options as default
Ø Getting ready for status to be activated when tablet is back from service ,
Ø Changing the options to default automaticallt when the tablet is not matched anymore under any situation. Tablet will be ready for the use of next person in this way.
Ø Keeping the logs about tablets and never deleting them.
1.4. Frequently Asked Questions
1.4.1.  Failure to activate

If activation fails, you should proceed according to Article 4.

1.4.2. Failure to install applications (for INFOLINE MDM tablets)

Ø Application might be in the black list (for teacher tablets)
ØApplication might not be in the white list. ( for student tablets)
Ø If the application which is sent to all the tablets such as VClass can’t be installed;
•You should check if tablet is updated with the latest MDM version (MDM 91.0 for Etab4 and MDM 93.3 for Etab5)
•Application can be installed from “System Library” by the user.
Ø If you can’t get proceed with the solutions listed above please call 444 7 555.

1.4.3. Failure to activate

Tablets which keep the original fatures receive the updates sent under regular conditions.
If it doesn’t;
Ø MDM might be removed from tablet (Original ROM should be installed)
Ø Tablet might be rooted. ( Original ROM should be installed)
Ø  Different ROM might have been installed in the tablet ( Original ROM should be installed)

Ø ETAB4 tablets which have been shut for a while might not connect to the internet because of the certificate ( ROM whih has MDM 91.0 should ne installed)
Ø Tablet doesn’t connect to internet.
• It should be checked if it is the original ROM or not.
• It should be checked if it is wireless internet or not. Can another device other than a tablet connect to the same internet on the same network?
• You should “Forget” the wireless network on Institutional Device Manager and then “Connect” after putting the password.
•  Tablet should be reset.
• It should be backed up and the options should be set as default.
• “Wifi adaptor” of the tablet might have a hardware failure. ( you should register a failure recrd and send the tablet to the service)
Ø  If you can’t proceed even if you tried the steps given above please call 444 7 555.

1.4.4. Error codes EBA.002 – Wrong National Identitiy Number

National Identitity Number should be checked. It should include 11 numbers and should be the accurate numbers. EBA.006 – Incorrect Operation

EBA database should be checked. EBA.012 – Web service not responding.

Web service for activation doesn’t work. EBA.013 – Password and National Identity Number don’t match.

EBA (Activation) password might be wrong. It could be because there are Turkish characters in the password. You can check ic the password is wrong by signing in via in any browser. EBA.017 – National Identity Number and/or serial number has been used before.

Ø If there is another activation of somebody else in the tablet which is trying to be activated.
Ø If there is another tablet activation on somebody who is trying to activate.
Ø Another MDM but not the original might have been installed. EBA.021 – You have entered tablet user name and password wrong more than 5 times.

If you entered the tablet user name and password wrong more than 5 times. (You can activate with the right password after an hour) If you can’t proceed with the steps listed above please call 444 7 555.