EBA V-Class is a classroom management software which is designed to meet the needs of changing educational environments in the era we are in and which also enables the interaction between teacher and student with the use of tablet.

EBA V-Class aims to keep in classroom interaction the highest with “Classroom Management Features” and also increase the communication between teacher and student. Classroom management processes which cover the great deal of the course period can be done in a shorter period of time thanks to “Course Management Features”.

With EBA-VClass;

  • Teacher can direct interactive board and student tablest via teacher tablet.
  • Interactive board and tablets can be linked.
  • Teacher can track students easily in classroom;
  • Roll-call
  • Sending alerts via messaging,
  • Locking the tablets to gather attention,
  • Sending “Well done” to motivate students,
  • Directing to web address for information sharing,
  • Sharing enriched content to draw attention.
  • It enables teacher to use time in the most effficient way with the content she/he can send to the board in a fast and practical way through his/her tablet.
  • Students can display the contents teachers share and work individually.
  • It enables teacher to take a vote in the classroom.
  • The level of comprehension can be measured at the end of the course.
  • Pictures and questioned to be added can contribute to the course flow.
  • Students contact teacher whenever they have a difficulty in understanding a subject by “Couldn’t understand” . The system record in what point of the course the student contacts teacher. Later, teacher can reach these sources and direct students accordingly.
  • Teachers can shre the course history which was recorded before and helps students revise.
  • Teacher can test students and limit their tablets during the exam to create a real life exam environment. Teacher can end the rest anytime and review the test report.

V-Class Student Screen Shots