Interactive Board, Purpose, Scope and Works Being Conducted


It is aimed to deliver Informatics Technology (IT) equipments to all schools, classrooms, teachers and students which can support education within FATIH Project in Education. It has been seen that “Information Technology Classrooms” which were established before have been implemented properly however it couldn’t meet the need because there was only one classroom equipped with IT tools in every school. Therefore the need to equip every classroom with IT equipments have arisen to support all teachers at the same time.

As a result of the works done in this respect have shown that the necessary device should include old generation green board, new generation smart board, easy to use technically, simple and appealing to the current generation and which can be used by teacher ad students who have a simple knowledge of technology. As a result of the analysis and development works, the necessary device has been described as « Educational tool including Green Board, White Board, LED Screen and Computer, protecting LED Screen and Computer from outer damages thanks to sliding white board, board being able to extend, including its own computer and software and also running e-contents and media on LED Screen and every kind of software, interactive with users » which is called Interactive Board.

What are the adavantages of Interactive Board over other Smart Boards?

Considering the situations such as the difficulty in using current boards, necessity to connect the board with a computer, the decrease in the image quality due to the image transfer by projecting the image, the high cost of changing bulbs when its expired, failure to get a good image when light is reflected, unpracticality due to the shadow of the teacher on the screen, blocking of the board because of the computer failure or a power cut, Interactive Boards seem as a better solutions for educational environments.