General Information

Starting with pilot distribution in 2011, distribution of tablets continued in the next years. The number of the tablets distributed was 13.800 in 2011 while it was 737.800 in 2014. In 2015 , however, it was 1.437.800 nearly doubling the former number.


Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get my tablet repaired?

You need to create a failure logging via in your school. Then courier company or technical service officer will collect the tablet at your school.

I don’t know the password to sign in to

You can take your institution password from province coordinator.

How do i transfer?

On transfer tab on;

If they are in the same city, it will be transferred from school to another school. If they are in different cities, it will be transferred to Provincial Directorate of National Education and they will transfer it to the other Provincial Directorate of National Education. Then it will be transferred to the school

What should I do in the situations outside the warranty problems?

All user errors are outside the scope of the warranty. Also shipping failures due to the principles of packing is considered as an outside warranty condition.

You can consult to the Procedures and Principles Related to Tablet Sets to be Distributed within FATIH Project in Education, Ministry of National Education which is published on Comminucations Paper no 2695 dated August,2015 for the detailed information on the use of tablets.