Teacher Trainings for FATIH Project in Education


In-service Training:

One of the components of Fatih Project, one of the most important educational projects is the In-Service Trainings for Teachers. All students in schools will receive face to face and distant trainings. Therefore it is aimed to increase teachers’ information and skills on conscious use of technology.

The effective use the interactive board and student and teacher tablets in education and the use of tablets in and outside the classroom as a supportive tool for both access to information and effectiveness.

Administrator and teacher trainings for Fatih Project, trainings for the projects conducted by protocol signed between several institutions and The Ministry and also staff trainings of the General Directorate have been given.

  1. Face to Face Trainings
    FATIH Project Teacher Training on Technology Use in Education: 
    This is the main training of the project. It is focused on teaching how to use interactive board and board software and also practicing the use of materials during courses.
    FATIH Project Teacher Training on Interactive Board: It includes EBA, EBA course, content development tools and EBA V class tablet interaction
    FATIH Project Pardus Main Training: It is the essential training on Pardus ETAP operating system developed for the purpose of enable teachers and students use interactive board easier during the course.
    FATIH Project Trainings on Designing Course Flow: It is the first step of the trainings on contetn development given by Türk Telekom –Sebit Co. It is conducted field based.
    FATIH Project Technology Aided Trainings: It is the field-based training helping teachers use online/offline softwares, electronic materials and android application in their field.
    Network Seminars: These are the trainings given to teacher working in Vocational an Technical Schools about.
    Administrator Seminars: These are the seminars given to administrators working in Province/District national education directorates and the ones assigned to Project schools about the application process of the Project and local implementations.
  2. Distant Trainings
    FATIH Project Training on Interactive Classroom Management: It covers The Use of Technology in Education, EBA V-Class, EBA and EBA course materials in teaching process. It is conducted by both face to face and distant trainings. Distant training is planned primarily fort he teachers working in the first phase schools of the Project and it aims to generalise this method among all teachers. Distant trainings are implemented in the applied education model and it covers teaching and learning of students and teachers together, guided by the tutors.
    FATIH Project Training on Secure and Conscious use of IT and Internet: It aims to increase the level of knowledge of teachers on the conscious use of internet in education. It used to be applied face to face in earlier years while its conducted as distant trainings as from 2016.
    FATIH Project Network Infrastructure Seminar: It covers the invention, implementation and acceptance process about network infrastructure within the Project.
  3. Local Trainings
    Local trainings are given by Fatih Project Tutors who have received the trainings about the project. 114.308 teachers who worked on the 1st phase of the project participated in the “FATIh Project- Technology Use in Education” and the 1st phase is complete. Phase 2 trainings have been given as face to face and distant trainings between 2015-2016. So far, 47.338  people participated in the distant trainings and totally 424.250 teachers were given in-service trainings  about FATIH Project in Education so far.
  4. Learning Management System (LMS)
    It is a software system which enables participants teach synchronously and asynchronously. While teachers can take synchronized trainings on the system it is also possible to teach asynchoronously thanks to the scorm compatible e-content packages. Synchronized training means the synchoronous training done at different places at the same time while asynchronized training means the asynchoronous training given independent from time and place. Distant trainings given by the Directorate General are conducted on lms.eba.gov.tr.


Coordinatorship of Training Services  fatih_egitim@meb.gov.tr             +90 312 296 95 66

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