Content services are offered by EBA within FATIH Project in Education.

Educational Informatics Network (


Educational Informatics Network ( which is the content platform of The FATIH Project in Education is an online and social educationl platform managed by the General Directorate of The Innovation and Education Technologies.

The purpose of this platform is to ensure integration of the technology into education by using information technology tools everywhere and supporting the effective material use. EBA has been continuing to be developed in order to offer suitable, reliable and accurate e-content for all grades.

Designed for all educational shareholders especially teachers and students, EBA is a social and educational platform for the purpose of;

Offering different, enriched and educational content,

Generalising informatics culture so that it can be used in education,

Meeting the needs related to content,

Enabling users to share information with the social network structure,

Contributing to courses with enriched and expanding archive,

Restructing and reproducing information while teaching it,

Covering student with different learning styles (skills in linguistics, visual, mathematical, social, individual and audial,

Enabling teachers to direct education by uniting all of them by finding a common ground,

Using technology as a tool rather than a purpose.

Main EBA applications are:


“EBA Market” is a market application created by YEGITEK within MEB Fatih Project which includes more than 80 mobile application for both teachers and students. Teachers and students can access to mobile content that they can use at school and daily lives. 


EBA Course


“EBA Course” is a Learning Management System. EBA Course provides visual materials, audio materials, interactive contents and question banks to both teachers and students. Thanks to this system, teachers can use their own content or the ones provided by system in their classrooms. They can send questions, practice materials and course contents to their students. Also they can follow students’ status and assess them. Moreover, teachers can create an individualised learning environment by sending different materials to different students according to their levels. They can share contents with other teachers. Actions on EBA system can be followed with the reporting system on EBA Course on a student, teacher, school, district, province and ministerial level.

EBA Share


Teachers can upload;,
Audio clips
on EBA. Contents approved by the moderation team will become open to all visitors on EBA.

EBA Studios

EBA has been conducting studies so that teachers can be involved in the content creation system considering that contents can’t be only produced centrally in an environment where changes and developments never end. Starting with the ones in 12 cities, EBA Studios will enable teachers develop video, audio, graphic, software, games, etc.  For this end, works related to 13 EBA Studios to be opened in Ankara, İstanbul (2), İzmşr, Bursa, Antalya, Mersin, Eskişehir, Kayseri, Samsun, Erzurum, Van and Şanlıurfa has been continuing.

Commissions to be created with volunteer teachers in EBA Stuidos will create world class educational contents with the help of professionals.

As a production center and an in-service education center serving for educational contents, EBA Studios will create a content ecosystem including students, universities and experts.

Content Development Tools


Teachers can create their own e-contents in the form of video, animation and interactive contents by using content creation tools. They can use these contents both online and offline. Also, they can share these contents with all teachers and students on EBA.

EBA Scoring and Star System

It is aimed to encourage EBA users to gain points on EBA and convert these scores into “Star System”.

For this system, scoring sources for students, teachers, province and district national education directorates will be determined.

“Star System” is designed to convert teacher and school points into starts with a calculation mechanism. Province and district national education directorates will take school points into consideration and these points will become stars. Province and district national education directorates, schools and teacher will have at least 1 and at most 10 stars.

e-Content Development Trainings

Since Turkey has a vision of a country exporting e-content, EBA has been working on spreading e-content creation on the field, helping teachers create e-content and use them in classrooms.

For this in 2015, 1000 teachers have recived e-content development trainings in Mersin. Then 250 chosen teachers among 1000 teachers have received 2nd phase e-content development training in Antalya.

Teachers who showed great success in participating in 2nd phase training are assigned as consultant lecturer for the e-content creation training to be held in İstanbul in 2016.

“Fatih Project Course Flow Design Course” which will be held in 2016 for 22 weeks and host 140 teachers a week will be given by EBA Experts.

EBA Publicity Meetings Content

Face-to-face EBA publicity activities have been held everywhere in Turkey by EBA experts in order to help administrators, teachers, students and parents get more familiar with EBA and explore its features.

EBA Expert support for the introduction is provided to Provincial Directorate of National Education on the condition that it is demanded from The General Directorate of Innovation and Educational Technologies.


Conferences, summits, panels, etc are follwed so that all shareholders know more about EBA.

 EBA Contests


World’s greatest content platform, Educational Informatics Network (EBA) aims to highlight the qualifications and group work of intellectual, curious and innovative individuals as well as students, teachers and researchers. Particularly to reveal the visual aspect of the education concept by using photography, cinema an graphics which gain interest the most and also to share the products created , EBA organizes contests in 5 different fields. EBA Contests provides equal opportunities because it is open to all teachers and students.

All assesment processes of the contest are conducted by EBA within the Ministry. Evaluation commissions are created in school, district and province levels.

Jury of these EBA Contest are chosen among the famous, successful leading people in their fields. With it’s outstanding jury, EBA Contests have been raising the level of quality and success.

These contents are : EBA Kadraj – Photography Contest, EBA Çizgi – Comics Contest, EBA Film – Short Film Contets,
EBA Experiment- Science Experiments Video Contest, EBA Documentary – Social Sciences Contest.