“Course Flow Design Trainings of FATIH Project in Education” organized by General Directorate of Innovation and Education Technologies, Department of Educational Publication and Content Management have been held since 2016 March.

Abovementioned trainings are led by teachers who took e-content creation trainings before in Mersin an Antalya and also YEĞİTEK staff. It’s planned that teachers from 22 fields (Science and Technology, Turkish, Mathematics for Primary School, Visual Arts, Social Sciences, Kindergarten, Turkish Language and Literature, English for Secondary School, English for High School, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics for High School, Primary School Teaching, Biology, Music, Geography, Special Education, History, Physical Education, Philosophy, Information Technologies, Religion and Ethics) will take trainings on a weekly basis. At the end of the trainings, 1206 teachers received certificate. It’s estimated that 1260 more teachers will have taken the mentioned trainings by the end of the year.

It’s been observed that participants of the trainings have conducted highly productive works in a short period of time and raised the necessary awareness. 1307 course flow designs done by teachers are uploaded to EBA Content Creation System. Activities still continue on different fields according to in-service training schedule.