STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) Educational Report is prepared by MEB, General Directorate of Innovation and Educational Technologies in June 2016.

“STEM Educational Report” is prepared both in Turkish and English by scanning existing sources, consulting to experts, academicians and teachers, by an expert team who have academic background on STEM Education and who works within MEB General Directorate of Innovation and Educational Technologies

What is STEM?
STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) Education aims to turn theoretical knowledge into practices, products and innovative inventions and enables students to see information collected in science, technology, engineering and mathematics education as the parts of a whole. It is an educational approached included in curriculum of many countries in the world.

STEM education aims to help students gain knowledge and skills on production and invention. Students who take STEM Education are expected to adapt to the needs of the business world thanks to these skills and contribute to the economy of the country. STEM Education is a universally accepted interdisciplinary approach which covers the education process from kindergarten to higher education.

Firstly, STEM Education is described and its emergence and purposes are explained in the report. Also the studies conducted in other countries especially USA and Europe are examined and the current status of Turkey is presented. A model suggestion relating the transition to STEM Education in Turkey is brought up. Several topics such as establishing STEM Education centers, conducting related studies, trainings teachers accordingly, updating curriculum according to STEM, creating suitable environment in schools and providing necessary course materials are highlighted. In the conclusion chapter of the report, a STEM Education Action Plan is suggested in the form of an evaluation and suggestion by explaining the studies needed to integrate STEM Education with Turkish education system. It’s also mentioned in the report that Ministry of National Education is open to any opinions and suggestions of related bodies and shareholders and their contributions to the updating studies of curriculum.

You can access STEM Education Report in Turkish and English via links below.

STEM Education Report