General Directorate of Innovation and Education Technologies participated in Sivas Book Days which is organized within “4th of September Sivas Culture and Art Festival” on behalf of Ministry of National Education. It’s the first time YEĞİTEK has attended to this event which was organized for the fifth time for the 97th anniversary of Sivas Congress. Fatih Project and EBA was introduced on stand opened by Ministry.

Stand which was organized with the cooperation of General Directorate of Innovation and Education Technologies and Sivas Provincial Directorate of National Education was opened with the participation of Governor Sivas, Davut GÜL, Member of Parliament from Sivas Hilmi BİLGİN, General Director of YEĞİTEK Bilal TIRNAKÇI, Head of the Department of Communication Sadık ARSLAN and other protocol members and supporters.

YEĞİTEK stand was visited by thousands of people from Sivas and other nearby cities from 10 am to 22 pm, between 29th of August and 4th of September. Officials from Ministry and teachers and students had the opportunity to meet on the stand which drew a great deal of attention.

It was illustrated how interactive board and tablets are used in classroom in the application classroom of FATIH Project in Education. Teachers of FATIH Project answered questions from teachers and students. Quiz shows are organized on the interactive board for participants. Games such as finding cities on a map and word quizzes  for children are organized as well. Several gifts and brochures are given to participants.