“Education Technologies Summit” will be held on 4th and 5th of November 2016 in Ankara by The Ministry of National Education, General Directorate of Innovation and Education Technologies.

The summit which will be held second time this year, aims to direct new research on education technologies in Turkey, to enable shareholders’ share good examples of what have been achieved in education technologies and contribute scientifically to FATIH Project in Education.
There will be sixteen sessions on :
“Coding, Coding Training”
“Future’s Technological Classrooms”
“Game-based Learning”
“Mobile Learning in Education”
“e-Content Creation/ e-Content Creation Tools”
“Three Dimensional Technologies”
“Conscious and Secure Internet Use in Education”
“Effective Interactive Board Use in Education”
“Accessible Informatics in Education”
“Technology Use in Private Schools”
“Assessment and Evaluation in Education”
“Technology Supported Teachers’ Professional Development”
“Distance Learning ”
“Technology Supported Successful Applications in Student Centred Education”

Also there will be workshops on coding, robotics, three dimensional printers, e-content development and STEM in the Summit. In order to participate in Education Technologies Summit as a speaker, you can submit your proceedings on “fatihprojesietz.meb.gov.tr”. You can also follow news about the summit via this link.