“FATIH Project, EBA Elective Course Curriculum Creation Workshop” was held in Cunda Practice Hotel by Provincial Directorate of National Education and Balıkesir University Necatibey Faculty of Education. Bilal Tırnakçı, Head of The General Directorate of Innovation and Education Technologies, Mehmet Rüşen, Head of the Department of  Educational Publications and Content Management, Eyyup Tanyıldız, Head of The Department of  Administrative and Financial Affairs, Namık Kemal Nazlı, Governor of The District of Ayvalık, Şahan Çöker, The Head of The Provincial Directorate of National Education,  Erkan Bilen, Head of The District Directorate of National Education, Prof Dr Canan Nakiboğlu, Prof Dr Hülya Gür and other lecturers from Balıkesir University Necatibey Faculty of Education and Provincial Formatters of FATIH Projects participated in the Workshop held between 13th and 14th of October.

Bilal Tırnakçı, Head of The General Directorate of Innovation and Education Technologies has stated that European Countries has stopped to allocate resource on research and development activities since European crisis.

Pointing out that EU member countries have population at old age, Tırnakçı said “We have a young and active population in Turkey. We invested on research and development activities and technology therefore led a secret revolution in the last 15 years. We neither expressed it very often nor exaggerated it.”

After stating that children can directly contact technology thanks to interactive boards provided in 463 thousand classrooms, Tırnakçı said :

“Once we install 200 thousand interactive boards within next year Turkey will reach hundred percent success in the installation of interactive boards. This is an element of FATIH Project. Apart from this, third most important element of FATIH Project, Educational Informatics Network (EBA) has vital importance for adults, children and youth. It has a continuous dynamism. We have nearly one million content of image, video, book and audio files now.  We serve our children and schools to this end. Our aim is the equality of opportunities. This is another description of FATIH Project. We aim to provide same quality of education to teachers in the most remote villages and also teachers and students in the metropolitan areas.”

In the workshop, it was decided that FATIH Project and EBA will be provided as elective courses in mathematics and chemistry training in secondary education as a result of the meetings held with The Dean of The Faculty of Education, Balıkesir University and heads of the departments. There were five groups in the workshop held in order to decide, develop and integrate the content of the elective course. Course acquisitions were created with groups named 5E Teaching Model and Course Flow Design, Web 2.0 and Mobile Applications, Technology Use in Education and Basic Concepts, EBA, Interactive Board Use and Software. Workshop contributed to what subjects related to their fields needed to be known by teacher candidates.