The protocol issued for the organization of “GESS (Global Educational Supplies and Solutions) Fair and Conferences” in Turkey was signed in İstanbul on 14th of December between Directorate General of Innovation and Educational Technologies, Ministry of National Education and Tarsus Group based in London.

In his speech at the signing ceremony, Bilal TIRNAKÇI, Director General of Innovation and Educational Technologies stated that FATIH Project in Education launched in 2010 by the Ministry of National Education has become a digital educational act with the most advanced algorithm in terms of capacity and scope. Stating that the main purpose of this act is to create an information society and benefitting from technology in education; uniting learning and teaching with the latest technology Mr. TIRNAKÇI said that they achieved a rare success with FATIH Project in the world and they cared greatly about the promotion of the project accordingly. He also said:

“Our purpose of signing this protocol is to “determine the rights and liabilities, and procedures and principles related to the contribution of YEĞİTEK to GESS Turkey Education Conferences and Fair”.

“New pathway to education in both Turkey and world is piled with technology”

FATIH Project has already been promoted in both national and international educational fairs. It is very important for us that GESS Fair has chosen Turkey. “Conferences to be organized within GESS Turkey Education Conferences and Fair” will help FATIH Project to be promoted more effectively and internationally. In addition, we will have the opportunity to collaborate more. We believe that FATIH Project will be promoted better in an international fair like this where many Turkish and foreign researchers, investors, decision makers, teachers, students and related people come together. It is one of our goals to make the market more active so that it could contribute to national economy by setting up booths where educational technologies can be promoted at GESS fairs.

New pathway to education in both Turkey and theworld is piled with technology. We will keep moving forward in order to pave the way for our national education. We believe that GESS Turkey is one of the steps in this way. I hope that it will be beneficial for all of us.

GESS Turkey

According to GESS Fair and Conferences protocol which is uniting companies willing to have a voice in the future of education sector, “Main theme of the program of the conference to be held in Turkey will be determined in collaboration with YEĞİTEK. There will be national, regional and international speakers in the conference. In addition, YEĞİTEK will participate in fair organizations in Dubai, Indonesia and Mexico as well.

Organized in Dubai, Indonesia and Mexico, GESS Fair and Conferences will bring together people who have made changes in world education in Turkey as well. First organization will be held at WOW International Convention Centre between 19th-21st October. Comprehensive products, technologies and solutions will help teachers teach better and students learn more effectively so that teaching and learning at schools can be improved.

Moreover there will be synchronous activities where all content will be free. They will address programming, evidence-based education, digital and interactive technologies, robotics and 3D printing while world educational leaders and local key practitioners will deliver speeches. There will also be future shaping stories and interactive presentations.