Microsoft organized an educational technologies activity in İstanbul on 15th of December. Latest developments in educational technologies were addressed. Innovations in educational technologies were assessed thorough conferences and panels with titles such as “STEM Education in Turkey, Creating Future’s Technology Leaders, Designing Educational Content with Office365, Digital Classroom Management, Game-Based Learning, Opening A New Window to Education with Windows, Learning by Coding with Minecraft and Digital Campus”.

Murat Kansu, Director General of Microsoft delivered the opening speech. After his speech, Director General of YEĞİTEK Bilal TIRNAKÇI delivered his speech as well.

Bilal TIRNAKÇI started his speech by mentioning Microsoft’s contribution to MEB in terms of uniting us with technology. After stating that Ministry of National Education perceives technology as an inseparable part of education and how FATIH Project is important, Mr. TIRNAKÇI said that more than four hundred and two thousand interactive boards are installed in classrooms within the project and two hundred and five thousand interactive boards will be installed within the next year, which is called a reform. After point out the importance of EBA, social sharing platform with educational content he stated that the outcomes of STEM studies are obvious and coding will be in curriculum soon.


“We are working continuously to see that happy moment”

TIRNAKÇI then said, “We are in contact with institutions and companies like Microsoft who sets an heart on educational technologies. We are considering what else we can provide for our children. We will be happy when we see our children successful, manufacturing their own technologies and inventing things in the future. We are working continuously and hard to see that happy moment. Whole of national education society is like a great army. We have a million of teachers. Seventeen million students are learning while I am giving my speech here. Often, Finland is the country pointed out for its success in education. However, it is important to note that Finland’s population is less that one third of the number of our students. A while ago, we fixed the number of the students in a classroom to twenty-four. We installed interactive boards, printers and other infrastructural equipment to this classroom. However, millions of people running away from war took shelter in Turkey. We shared not only classrooms but also our lives with them. It is not possible to ignore this issue when talking about educational topics. Our happiness and success should be based and evaluated on this issue. We are working for everyone who needs our help and we are sharing our opportunities too. In this context, I would like to thank Microsoft once again. I appreciate that they share their fund of knowledge with Ministry of National Education and act with us while shaping future’s education.  I hope that this meeting will bring beneficial results.

Hakan BÜCÜK, Head of The Department of Development of Educational Technologies and Projects attended panel “STEM Education in Turkey” as a speaker. He talked about STEM Report issued by The Ministry of National Education and other works about STEM run by YEĞİTEK.