Directorate General of Innovation and Educational Technologies organized a workshop in Afyonkarahisar on 8th-9th February 2017 in order to prepare tender documents related to the 3th phase supply model.

Bilal TIRNAKÇI, Director General of YEĞİTEK; Eyyup TANYILDIZ, Head of Administrative and Financial Affairs Department; Gültekin KEKEÇOĞLU, Head of System Management Department; Gürhan ÇİÇEK, Head of Educational Technologies and Technical Assistance Services Department; M.Sadık ARSLAN, Head of Communication Department; Yakup YÜKSEL, Educational Informatics Systems Department; Mehmet RÜŞEN, Head of Educational Publications and Content Management Department and Directorate General staff attended workshop.

 “We lead both education and technology”

Delivering a speech for the opening ceremony of the workshop, Bilal TIRNAKÇI stated that FATIH Project has been a source of inspiration for both curriculum and technology suppliers. He also said “Our teachers use interactive boards to deliver courses, and computers and tablets to create course material. Besides, students use Internet to study, revise, code and go on social media. We need to direct out studies and works considering our students’ and teachers’ needs from now on, like we have been from the start.” TIRNAKÇI pointed out that big technology companies follow FATIH Project closely and they have realised the importance and gratitude of the project after working with YEĞİTEK.

In the workshop, technical specification and service requirements for goods and services purchase were determined and revised within FATIH Project. Working groups are created under topics such as VPN, Data Centre, Tablets, Tablet Management Software, Interactive Classroom Management, Project Management System, School Network Infrastructure, Call Centre Services, DNS System and Network Security, Log, Interactive Board, Content Management System. These issues were addressed in terms of specifications and scope for 2 days.