On behalf of The Ministry of National Education, Directorate General of Innovation and Educational Technologies attended Mobile World Congress Barcelona, one of the most important events bringing mobile world industry together.

Yusuf TEKİN, Undersecretary of The Ministry of National Education; İbrahim YASAK and Mehmet AKTAŞ YÜKSEL, Advisors to Minister of National Education; Gürhan ÖZDEĞER, Member of the Board of Education and Instruction; Bilal TIRNAKÇI, Director General of Innovation and Educational Technologies; Eyyup TANYILDIZ, Head of Administrative and Financial Affairs Department, YEĞİTEK;  Davut YILDIRIM, Head of Department of IT and expert teachers attended the event.

Ministry of National Education of The Republic of Turkey was located in Hall 8, Nexttech Hall in the event which took place between 27th of February – 2nd March at Fira Gran Via and Fira Montjuic in Barcelona between 09.00-19.00. Nearly 100.000 visitors attended fair from approximately 200 countries. Visitors got informed about all developments in mobile world at 2200 booths and from 900 speakers.

Some of the main themes of Mobile World Congress Barcelona (MWC Barcelona) were: Content and Media, Consumer Preferences, 4th Industrial Revolution, Government Public Policies, Communication/Computer Networks, Platforms (Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Security, etc.), and Sustainable Development. Conference part of the event that addressed all topics from the past to future of mobile industry was one of the spotlights of the event. Some of the speakers at the event were Eric Xu, CEO of Huawei; Reed Hastings, Founder of Netflix; Eugene Kaspersky, CEO of Kaspersky Lab; Takeshi Idezawa, Founder of Line.

FATIH Project in Education, Educational Informatics Network (EBA), e-Okul, Mebbis and DYS were promoted at the booth set by The Ministry of National Education. Booth of Ministry of Education of The Republic of Turkey was one of the centres of attraction at the event. Many visitors from all around the world stated that FATIH Project was one of the leading educational technology projects and they appreciated Republic of Turkey for the project. There were partnership offers from software and content companies to contribute to FATIH Project. One of the visitors was Felix Serrano Delgado, Director of National Educational Technologies Institute and Teacher Training, Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports of Spain.