General Director of General Directorate of Innovation and Educational Technologies, Bilal TIRNAKÇI was a guest on “Yeni Medya Eski İnsan” live show on 8 May 2017 at TRT Ankara Radio 1. Mr. TIRNAKÇI provided information on the past and the present of General Directorate of Innovation and Educational Technologies, Ministry of National Education. He also talked about FATIH Project in Education, Educational Informatics Network (EBA), Coding and EBABIL magazine.

Mr. TIRNAKÇI stated that he grew up listening to Radio Plays and Arkası Yarın therefore TRT has a special importance for him. Pointing out that audience can see the media tools used in YEĞİTEK in the past at the Communication Museum, he then moved onto FATIH Project. He said, “FATIH Project in Education is one of the most comprehensive educational movements in the world that cover the technology use in education. The project was launched with the purpose of enabling educational equality, improving technology in schools and enabling the use of informatics technology tools in learning and teaching in a way which addresses more senses. We have accomplished most of the aspects we had aimed in 2011. Of course, it has a dynamic structure. Interactive boards are nearly hundred percent productive. Tablets will be continuously delivered every year.”

“There are pedagogically tested learning content for students on EBA”

Stating that EBA (Educational Informatics Network) was established to provide content to technology Mr. TIRNAKÇI provided following information on EBA: “We have modules such as EBA Course, Content, Contest, EBA Radio. EBA is a social educational platform with more than 12 million users that serve effectively with news, images, audio files, magazines, question archive, course documents and course books. EBA Radio which launched its test broadcast has been providing course content, children shows, novels, histories, poems, songs and archive programs. EBA was launched with ever changing and expanding content and important motto “Education, always…” You can reach EBA on .”

Mr. TIRNAKÇI said that there are pedagogically tested educational content created by teachers on EBA.  Pointing out that they provide content creating trainings to teachers as well as technology use. He stated that the number of teachers trained reached 786 thousand.

 “Teacher candidates will be able to use the technology effectively before they graduate”

He stated that they signed protocols with 6 universities so that Technology Use in Education can be taught as an elective course in the faculties of education. He also pointed out that teacher candidates would be able to use the technology effectively before they graduate.

Moreover, Mr. TIRNAKÇI said that there was a new curriculum study going on as well as software and discussion about Coding Education on EBA. He said that they aimed a strong and realistic coding training.

Lastly, talking about the institution’s magazine, EBABİL Mr. TIRNAKÇI stated that they gained inspiration from words EBA and informatics (bilişim) so that EBA could be known better. He also expressed that in the EBABİL magazine that is issued every 4 months there are institutional news as well as many articles on education, informatics and culture.