On behalf of The Ministry of National Education, General Directorate of Innovation and Educational Technologies attended one of the world’s most special educational technologies expo, ISTE Conference and Expo. Organized in a different state every year, ISTE was held in San Antonio on 25-28 June 2017 this year. Being one of the most distinguished organizations where prominent projects are presented and latest technological solutions discussed, ISTE has hosted 30.000 visitors this year.

Visited by educational technology coordinators, managers and representatives from nearly 76 countries and sponsored by leading companies such as Microsoft, Samsung, Dell and Smart, ISTE draws interest from all over the world. Expo and conference divisions of the organization provides participants with the opportunity to discover latest products and projects and develop themselves accordingly.

MoNE booth was one of the most attractive booths at ISTE Expo


Visited by leading companies in educational technologies, MoNE booth introduced FATIH Project in Education and Educational Informatics Network (EBA). Cooperation grounds for FATIH Project has been set. Visitors and students from different fields were provided with information on FATIH Project and Educational Informatics Network (EBA). Educational content suppliers discussed cooperation with Educational Informatics Network (EBA). FATIH Project in Education, Educational Technologies Summit was also promoted. Many Turkish and American educators visited the booth and stated that Turkey has become one of the leading countries in educational technologies thanks to FATIH Project.

Heads of departments and experienced teachers from General Directorate of Innovation and Educational Technologies attended the expo.