FATIH Project has drawn great interest at Hong KongWorlddidac Asia Fair which hosted technology experts from 35 countries.

Hosting professional visitors from nearly 35 countries and giving opportunity to discuss top educational issues and promote new products, Worlddidac Asia Fair took place at Hong Kong Fair and Exhibition Center on 7th-9th June 2016.

Opening a stand at Worlddidac Asia Fair, General Directorate of Innovation and Educational Technologies representing The Ministry of National Education helped promoting FATIH Project, EBA (Educational Informatics Network) portal and PARDUS national operation system ETAP (Interactive Board Interface Project) to the participants especially from Far East. Simulating the classroom implementation at the stand,  participants had a chance to try and observe PARDUS ETAP with the compounds of FATIH Project, EBA portal, Vclassroom and Antropi. Many teachers, students and visitors from universities and Ministers of Education of Asian Countries particularly The Minister of Education of Hong Kong Eddie Ng HAK-KIM, Deputy Minister of Education of Thailand Dr. Teerakiat JAREONSETTASION, Deputy Secretary-General of The Ministery of Education of Thailand Chanvech BOONPRADERM, President of the National Technology Institute of Japan Kazuhide SUGIMOTO. Turks living in Far East and particularly Consul General Korhan Kemik who visited the stand of Ministry of National Education expressed their pleasure for the attention they had.

Also, new educational applications from different countries, robotics, contents and products related to STEM were introduced to the participants. Also educational practices and technologies of the countries especially Asian countries were discussed in the conferences and panels hosting Ministers of Education and university representatives from many countries such as China, Japan, Korea, Thailand, Philippines, Malesia and Hong Kong.