Deputy Minister of Education, Science and Technology of Kosova Anila STATOVCI-DEMAJ, Advisors to the Minister Lah NITAJ and Azem GURI, Secretary-General Alush ISTOGU and President of Pre-University Education Agim BERDYNA, Head of the Department of Monitoring and Assesment, General Directorate of European Union and External Affairs Ömer Erkan ERDEVE visited General Directorate of Innovation and Educational Technologies, MEB on 19th April 2016 to research and gather information about infrastructure, hardware, software and EBA Portal.

Deputy Minister of Education, Science and Technology of Kosova STATOVCI-DEMAJ and the accompanying delegation were accepted by General Director Ahmet Onur AK and Heads of Deparments Muhammed Sadık ARSLAN, Sedat AKÇAKOYUNLUOĞLU, Mustafa Hakan BÜCÜK and Adem EYLENCE.

Deputy Minister STATOVCI-DEMAJ noted that they were familiar with the fact that the project was an influencing work. STATOVCI-DEMAJ said that the Turkish School to be opened in Kosova as a result of the negotiations between President of The Republic of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and President of Kosova THAÇI could be a pilot school within FATIH Project in Education. She also expressed their desire to be in close contact with General Directorate Ahmet Onur AK.

Educational Informatics Network (EBA) was promoted by giving information about the general outline of Fatih Project in Education, works completed and works to be completed in near future.

“FATIH Project is the greatest educational technology project among the ones in the world”
After the introduction, the questions related to the infrastructure, hardware, content and in-service educational compounds raised by Deputy Minister STATOVCI-DEMAJ were answered by General Director Ahmet Onur AK. In regard to the demand related to the technical infrastructure and in-service support in Kosova by STATOVCI-DEMAJ, AK stated that FATIH Project is the greatest educational technology project in the world. He also expressed that they were ready to provide necessary support for the international implementation.

After sharing data about infrastructure and hardware works, AK stated that EBA Portal has ever growing digital learning content and nearly 12 million users. In addition, he said that content created on EBA has been carried to schools via interactive boards and tablets and nearly 500.000 teachers have received trainings within The FATIH Project. Meeting continued with the detailed introduction of EBA Portal.

Questions about the creation and sharing of content in EBA Portal which is one of the main components of FATIH Project in Education raised by delegation were answered by the Head of Department of Educational Publications and Content Management, Sedat AKÇAKOYUNUOĞLU.

After demanding to be in close contact, Deputy Minister of Education, Science and Technology STATOVCI-DEMAJ left the Directorate General expressing her pleasure.