The greatest international informatics fair which is looked forward to being organized every year, CeBIT took place in Hannover, Germany on 14th-18th March 2016 with the participation of 70 countries and 250.000 professional visitors. With Switzerland as the partner country this year, 3300 technology and educational supplier firms and institutitons had the opportunity to exhibit the latest and different technologies on stands they opened in 18 halls. Turkey participated to the fair with MEB FATIH Project in Education stand and also 35 Turkish firms participated the fair with their own stands. The main technological fields of the fair were informatics, data processing, information technologies, telecommunication, office tools and equipments, visual technologies, banking products, electronical devices and interior design innovations. Our stand was placed in the Innovation hall number 6. Chancellor of Germany, Angela Merkel visited our stand and her ministers gather information.

FATIH Project in Education and one of the main components of the project, EBA which was promoted by The Head of Department of Communication, The General Directorate of Innovation and Educational Technologies on behalf of the Ministry of National Education. There was a great deal of interest in our stand where firms and educational institutions wanting to cooperate gathered information. It was observed that countries which want to attract attention in terms of technology in education were interested in Turkey’s stand which integrated education technologies successfully. Representatives of these countries watched the introduction of the project attentively and demanded cooperation with our ministry. Experts from ministries of education and also telecommunication institutions drew attention in the fair.

General Directorate of the Secondary Education Ercan TÜRK and his delegation, Head of a Department in The Board of Education and Discipline Toper AKBABA, Head of a Department in the General Directorate of Primary Education Elif BAKAR, Head of a Department in General Directorate of Secondary Education Halil İbrahim TOPÇU, Expert in The Ministry of Education Fatih ULUSOY and Assistant Expert in The Ministry of Education Yakup SELÇUK visited our stand. Ercan TÜRK appreciated our participation in the fair.

Consul General of Hannover Mehmet GÜNAY, Trade Attache Ruhi DENİZ and trade experts also visited our stand. Expressing his appreciation in our participation in the fair, Mehmet GÜNAY stated that he was very pleased to see our stand just like any other Turkish citizens living in Germany was.

Anadolu Ajansı, Doğan Ajans and TRT made the news about our stand and news were broadcast simultaneously in both German and Turkish press.