Infrastructure and Access Services

FATİH Project in Education provides the following services within infrastructure services.

These services are planned to be delivered to 3362 schools in the first stage and 9052 schools in the second stage of the Project. These services, cities and contractor companies are shown below:

The access refers to the infrastructure service which enables schools to access Internet and content provided by MoNE within the FATİH Project in Education. As a result of the completion of the infrastructure in schools, it will be possible for every classroom to access all e-content and secure and filtered Internet. For this, active (switches, routers, access points, etc.) and passive (cables, cable tips, patch panel, channels, uninterrupted power supply) devices will be installed in schools, and Internet and Intranet access will be provided by data and wired connections.

The network infrastructure have been installed to main buildings and additional buildings of schools, workshops, labs and boarding schools.

The network infrastructure consists of routers, switches, access points and cable works between these. The installation and operation of the required devices for the remote management is conducted by the Unit for Network Access.

By now, 3100 schools in Phase 1 and 10.500 schools in Phase 2 have been provided with functioning Fiber VPN/Internet connection and have access to Fatih VPN network. In addition, required works and failures have been handled so that the network devices in the schools (routers, switches, access points, etc.) are active and functioning.

Approximately 13.800 school are equipped with VPN service created exclusively for Fatih Project and 13.212 schools have been actively using the service.
In addition, 2.384 schools without wired internet network access are provided with mobile network and 1.020 schools with satellite internet.