Interactive Boards

The Purpose, Scope and Progress of Interactive Boards

It is aimed to deliver Information Technology (IT) equipment to all schools, classrooms, teachers and students. Since “Information Technology Classrooms” have been implemented properly but couldn’t meet the needs, the purpose has shifted into equipping every classroom with an Interactive Board in order to support all teachers at the same time. As a result of the analysis conducted in this respect, interactive boards feature an old generation chalk board and a new generation smart board. They are simple to use, appeal to the current generation and can be used by teachers and students who have a simple knowledge of technology. The Interactive Board is defined as « an interactive educational tool that features a Chalk Board, a White Board which also protects the screen, a LED Screen and Computer as well as being able to extend for writing; including its own computer and software; running e-content, media and the other kinds of software on the LED Screen ».

What are the advantages of the Interactive Board over other Smart Boards?

The Interactive Board seems as a better solution for educational environments considering the situations such as the difficulty in using current boards, necessity to connect the board with a computer, the decrease in the image quality due to the image transfer by projecting the image, the high cost of changing bulbs when they expire, failure in getting a good image when light is reflected, unpracticality due to the shadow of the teacher on the screen, breakdown of the board caused by technical problems or a power cut.

75” Interactive Board and Specifications

Within the scope of Fatih Project, it’s the first time that a 75” Interactive Board was exclusively designed and manufactured for the Project. Developed completely with domestic technology, the Interactive Board offers a flawless visual experience by supporting a technology-based education with its wide screen, 4K Ultra HD resolution, anti-reflective glass, infrared touch screen, high performance computer and wired/wireless internet options. Thanks to the joint works with Tübitak, the Interactive Board has become compatible with Pardus operating system, which will play an important role in generalizing the domestic and national operating system.