Developed by MoNE, the Digital Education Platform of Turkey, EBA is a social education platform offering a reliable and personalized learning environment for all K-12 students. It offers curriculum-based learning content as well as personal and professional development content to the users.

EBA – Digital Education Platform of Turkey (

There are more than 1.700 curriculum-based courses and over 40,000 rich, reliable and interactive content on EBA, and there is a separate section for each subject. These contents include coursebooks, interactive books, applications and tests as well as video and interactive courses matched with subjects and learning outcomes, exercises, revision summaries, infographics, project documents, and teacher-specific contents. On EBA, teachers and students are provided with more than 5.000 books and 240.000 questions. In addition, the Library section on EBA contributes to students’ and teachers’ personal development and leisure time with content under different categories such as cartoons, reading books, games, documentaries, interviews and magazines.

In addition to providing customized and personalized interface and content for each student, performance-based revision content is suggested by the smart suggestion system of the platform. Being a social education platform, EBA enables students and teachers interact with one another, share messages on their profiles and with each other, create discussions and voting, send direct messages. Teachers can send assignments to their students; and analyze their assignment-specific and subject-specific performance based on their EBA use.

As an alternative solution to meet students’ varying needs, EBA Academic Support has been designed for 11th and 12th graders. Detailed subject videos, sample questions and solution videos, tests, previous university entrance exam questions are offered on EBA Academic Support.