“Movement of Enhancing Opportunities and Improving Technology”, known as FATIH, is among the most significant educational investments of Turkey. FATIH Project proposes that “Smart Class” project is put into practice in all schools around Turkey. With this project, 42.000 schools and 570.000 classes will be equipped with the latest information technologies and will be transformed into computerized classes (Smart Class).
Turkey has initiated FATIH Project with the aim enabling equal opportunities in education and improving technology in our schools for the efficient usage of ICT tools in the learning-teaching processes by appealing to more sensory organs in all 42.000 schools and 570.000 classes that are in the preschool education, the primary education and the secondary education through providing tablets and LCD Interactive Boards. In-service Trainings for teachers are going to be held in order to provide effective usage of the ICT equipment in the classrooms in the learning- teaching process. In this transformation process, educational e-contents are going to be formed in accordance with the current teaching programs. In this regard, FATIH Project can be regarded as being composed of 5 different components and these components can be listed as:

  • Providing Equipment and Software Substructure
  • Providing Educational e-content and Management of e-content
  • Effective Usage of the ICT in Teaching Programs
  • In-service Training of the Teachers
  • Conscious, Reliable, Manageable and Measurable ICT Usage

The Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications has also supported FATIH Project that has been carried out by the Ministry of Education. It has been planned that FATIH Project will have been finalized in the five years.

Aim of this project:
In this project, it is aimed to provide ICT equipment to classes in order to achieve the ICT supported teaching until the end of 2013 in related to the goals that take place in the Strategy Document of the Information Society, the Development Report, the Strategy Plan of our Ministry and The Policy Report of ICT that have described all activities of our country in the process of being an information society and have been formed within the scope of the e-transformation of Turkey.

Scope of this project:
The goal has been declared as “Information and Communication Technologies will be one of the main instruments of the education process and it will also make teachers and students use these technologies effectively” in the Strategy of Information Society that has been prepared by the State Planning Organization (2006-2010). In this context, it has been wished that complement of the infrastructure of the information and communication technologies in the institutions in which Formal Education and Informal Education, improving competency of the students’ usage of the information and communication technologies in these institutions, and development of the programs that are supported by the information and communication technologies. Moreover, in the Information Society Strategy, in order to transform our society to information society, described goals in the below list are aimed within the scope of our Ministry’s work space:

  • Lifelong learning approach, development of the proper structures in which all individuals can improve themselves through e-learning, and development of the e-content.
  • All students that graduate from secondary education should have the ability to use the basic information and communication technologies.
  • One of the three individuals in society should benefit from e-education facilities through the effective usage of Internet.
  • Providing equal opportunities to everybody on learning and usage of the information and communication technologies.
  • One of the two individuals in society should be Internet user
  • Internet should be made reliable for society

All in all, FATÄ°H Project aims educational transformation; which is purposeful transformation of every individual who is involved in education and at this point, claims to “Prepare the future generation from today “
with FATÄ°H the students will;

  •  acquire knowledge using more sensory organs
  •  participate and take responsibility more due to self-confidence from knowledge acquisition
  •  shape his/her future based on his/her own purpose
  •  know what s/he wants and take control of his/her life path

with FATÄ°H the teachers will;

  •  have easy access to the updated knowledge  and latest teaching techniques which will help in teaching process
  •  thus help students gain differents points of view
  •  create information and transfer it perennially,
  •  be innovative,
  •  be able to measure the quality and quantity of their teaching and complete the shortcomings,
  •  prepare the future generation from today

with FATÄ°H the government will;

  •  identify the talents/skills and match them with the future needs
  •  determine strategies to invest in people who can create information and think ahead of their time
  •  be able to provide equal opportunity for its people
  •  create a generation which will make the right decisions for the future

Phases of the FATIH Project:
The pilot phase of the project was launched with the delivery of tablet PCs and LCD Interactive Boards to 52 schools across Turkey.
High schools around the country have been equipped with LCD Interactive Boards, and 8.500 tablet PCs have been distributed in 52 schools in 17 provinces within a pilot program.
In the expanded pilot phase 49000 tablet PCs have been distributed to both students and teachers in 81 provinces.


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